Thursday, January 06, 2005

Rose Wilder Lane

Have you ever heard of this lady? She wrote The Discovery of Freedom,
among other things. She is the daughter of Laura Ingalls Wilder, from
Little House on the Prairie fame. I guess there is a lot of buzz about
this Freedom book, and I am trying to find a copy still in print. Before her
death, she admitted there were a few factual errors in it and tried to
suppress further copies going into print. She was an original Libertarian,
which most of us Northeast liberals don't care for, but the purity of her position sounds worthy of respect. She has been linked to Ayn Rand as one of the original freedom thinkers, but Rand's works are didactic and, in today's terms, neocon.

Skipped night out to see Chillum (local cover band) and will go to see Closer (movie) instead. Sideways sounds interesting because of the wine subject, but skimming thru the book at Border's turned me off.

Still working on object and obstacles for Stalker protagonist.

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