Sunday, February 15, 2015

Lida's Story

ANAKA AND THE KING It was barely a fortnight away from my twenty first birthday an auspicious occasion for which I’d harbored much anticipation, when without notice a courier appeared at the doorstep of my humble abode I shared with thy Granny and my two elder sisters. Thy eldest Penelope of the Forrest as she was so named for her love of eating roots, was first to reach the door. “I am Mackdonah the Magician and I have been sent by the King in search of the fairest amongst you. Do you have such a maiden in your dwelling?” “Tis we do indeed Magician, if thoust wait here I shall fetch her for you. Anaka is the one you are after, for she without a doubt is the fairest of us all.” “Hurry then for I have no time to tarry.” And so it was thus that I was taken against my wishes, ripped from the bosom of my Granny to whose soft folds of flesh I still often clung on a cold winters night. Dragged off into the moonless night by a large man they called Mackdonah the Magician over shouts of protests and curses, I’d not even realized I’d known. Far be it from me to understand his moniker, for the only magic he so far hath doth preformed was to make me disappear and transform into something I was not before. We rode on horseback well into the night in complete silence, the only sound being that of the stallions hoofs as they rhythmically pounded the hard ground beneath accompanied by short spurts of breath steady and constant, exhaled like tufts of white smoke against a blackened sky. The sun was just rising as we reached our destination illuminating the stone castle as it rose on the horizon like a mirage. Mackdonah was first to dismount approaching the steed’s front quarters as he leaned his body toward the beast and whispered something only he and the horse, seemed to understand. The animal obviously pleased with what he’d been told, nodded his head as if in agreement and tossed back his flowing mane. “Wait here until I return for it will do you no good to try and escape if that is what you intend, guards are posted behind every bush and edifice and they will shoot if you attempt it, as they have been so ordered.” I thought this as good a time as any to ask, “why is it that I have been summoned Magician, I have nothing to offer the King, I can assure you. I am but a girl and a poor one at that and I’ve no experience in much else but meager household chores.” “Your naiveté is astounding I’ll give you that much and far be it from me to see the appeal in one so slim and of such meager bosom. I myself prefer a larger woman with ample thighs and rounded belly and a rump sturdy enough for striding, but I dare say his Majesty’s tastes are of quite a different nature.” This proclamation was immediately followed by a boisterous laugh and pat on my behind, neither of which gesture I took to kindly. I turned away and in an instant he disappeared right before my eyes as if by some trick of his namesake, willing it so with a wave of his hand and a few well-chosen words. Alone and chilled left to shiver in the dew of the frosted morning air, with but a thread born woolen shawl wrapped around my bony shoulders covering a sheer white blouse, which was tucked beneath a crimson sash that wound round my slim waist, from which a dark green skirt hung down to below my calves with but a few inches of hand sewn white cotton underskirts rippling in the breeze. I could all but wonder what was to become of me. I had not long to speculate, as within a short while I was summoned by yet another stranger as a dark skinned man with a long unwieldy beard clothed in what I assume to be a monks frock, appeared just as mysteriously as the Magician had vanished. “Fair Miss I have come to fetch you in order that I may deliver you to your quarters as I’ve been instructed, follow me please walk this way.” “Well thank you I suppose, though if I may say so I am still uncertain as to where exactly it is you will be taking me.” And with that I was led away as the imposing hand of the dark monk took hold of mine and led me away so swiftly that in his haste to abide by his superiors wishes I nearly tripped, twisting an ankle in the process. We walked for a distance of several kilometers bypassing a moat and then approaching an entrance blocked by a set of enormous and elaborately carved wooden doors bolted together and held in place by black iron shackles, not unlike those worn by prisoners sequestered in the King’s dungeon awaiting sentencing, or worse yet the sharpened blade of the executioners sword. I’d heard of such individuals who’d met their fate in such a way as it had been whispered at amongst the commoners at the deacons Sunday service. And then as if by command known only to those to whom it most concerned, with a nod of the head and a blink of the eye, the gates opened and the sentry’s allowed us to pass freely past the imposing barrier. The monk still holding his grip on me as if anticipating my next move, which surely would have been to make a dash for freedom given the chance before becoming fully ensconced within the Kings fortress, for which I feared there might be no escape. “Have we much farther to go?” “No, not much, if you are tired I could carry you if you like?” I was quick to assure him that wouldn’t be necessary, as I had already accepted whatever fate was to befall me, as much as I had adjusted to the icy cold stones permeating my thin leather sandals, their soles nearly worn through, as to expose the heel of one foot upon which chills sent shivers to my bones. The mere thought of this coarse, unkempt and burly creature hoisting me over one shoulder, as if I were a side of freshly slaughtered beef, had caused my innards to back up on me like porridge from a baby, leaving a residue of foul taste upon my tongue. At last we arrived at what were to be my quarters for a fortnight, a year or perhaps for all eternity, for at this point I knew not the answer to such a question. The monk deposited me and exited quickly as I imagine in keeping with his instructions, laughing in his wake as he departed emphasized further by a remark as to the comfort of my stay and the quality of my existence resting solely on my willingness to please, along with the dexterity with which my lips and loins could accommodate and administer pleasure. At this juncture I dared not even fathom what was meant by thine words, but instead chose to lay down upon thy straw bed in this sparse and solitary room with only a small kerosene lamp to light my way and ponder why it is I had been taken. After some searching and crawling about on all fours like a mongrel dog, or a rodent in search of a measly piece of cheese, the hunger grabbing at me like a knife, I located a half loaf of stale hard crusted bread wrapped in cloth, along with a jug of bitter wine hidden under some loose stones in the floor that could be lifted with some amount of effort, once discovered. From a small window covered in thick black iron bars I could catch but a glimpse of sunlight as the night turned to dawn and I grabbed what few hours of sleep I could, before being summoned for what I still did not know. I awoke with a start to the sound of a flutter of screeching birds outside my window, followed immediately by the clamoring of loud booted footsteps and then three loud poundings on my door in succession, followed by three more. “Anaka, speak now if that is who are?” A deep voice called out from the other side of the steel door. “Yes it is I, what is it you wish of me?” “You must come with me, but first change out of those rags and put these on.” With that he handed me a bundle of loosely gathered garments through the now open door, which once unwrapped I could see consisted of nothing more than a white lace edged corset, along with a pair of fish net stockings and a pair of shiny red shoes with heels as high as this innocent had ever laid eyes upon. “But this is nothing more than undergarments and revealing ones at that, worn I trust only by courtesans and ladies of the evening. Where is the rest of it, surely you cannot expect me to show myself in these?” “Oh but there is where you are wrong fair one, I daresay King Herron expects just that. It is the same with all his maidens.” “You make it sound as if has a collection.” “Quite so, quite so and a fine collection it is, as you have so aptly put it. Now dress, for I’ve no time to waste, the King is anxiously awaiting your arrival. He is always most eager when a new one is to be deflowered. You are I’m to assume, still a virgin?” “What a question for a gentlemen to ask of a lady, the inquiry shames me so that I hardly know how to answer.” “As to my own liking it would matter not, but I must warn you if perchance you are not, then you had better yelp like mongrel bitch about to give birth to a bakers dozen when he thrusts that sausage into your tight little hole, or there’s no telling what might become of you. Now stop dallying and get out of your clothes and into the ones I brought you.” The guard with the sheathed saber worn between his belt clenched tightly around his middle had struck a fear in me. What might I have done to illicit his Lordship’s curiosity in one so modest as little I and yet fearing the brute that stood watch, I sheepishly cringed obeying and doing what I was told to avoid the sharpened blade which protruded through his robe like a vile instrument of torture, plunged into my person with the same swiftness as one would slay a wild boar, or a fattened goat in preparation of a harvest feast. Still obviously perplexed as to what King Herron had in store for me and with no place to hide, I could merely turn my back in modesty away from the henchman’s peering eyes, striping out of my so called rags and into the clothes worn by courtesans. When the change was complete and my clothes lay on the floor in a heap, I turned around and faced forward for the final inspection, as I had been instructed to do before being handed over to the King for the deflowering. A ceremony from the way it had been described, the King must take immense pleasure. I still was in the dark as to what to expect, but seeing as I’d been told this was to be a celebration of sorts, I bravely cast aside my fears at least for the time being and instead looked forward to a party for which obviously, I was to be the honored guest. My small breasts sat atop the corset like white chocolate bon bons with a cherry center, appearing twice their normal size. Even I was impressed by the transformation and at this point wanting to appeal to his Majesty, as it wasn’t every day that someone such as myself got to have an audience with royalty, I could hardly contain myself and begged the question, “how do I look?” “You are a fine specimen indeed and surely well enough to give his Lordship a mighty cock stand, something I daresay he craves dearly, except for the hair.” “What’s wrong with my hair? Is it that his Lordship prefers dark tresses to my golden curls, which I’ll have you know are the envy of my sisters for their sheen and Nordic appearance.” “No it is not that, take the pins out and let your flaxen strands fall against your bony shoulders. His preference is for long and has always been so, so that he has something to grab hold of when he forces your mouth down upon his gargantuan slab of meat and holds it in place like a squirming piglet, until you’ve ingested every drop of his Highness’s royal cream.” I did as told and slowly one by one removed the pins that had held in place a mound of flaxen curls, which when finally allowed to hang free, cascaded around my shoulders like a warm summer breeze. Shortly thereafter I was led away up a steep flight of metal steps and then down a long corridor lit with torches on either side, which cast shadows as we walked. And as we walked I couldn’t help but form an image in my mind of this cock show that guard had spoken of with such verve and glee and to which I was soon about to witness first hand. In modesty as was only proper I tired to hide my excitement, not wanting to appear to eager at viewing such a splendid performance I imagined the cocks would put on as they paraded about displaying their exquisite plumage, in all its majestic color. I secretly wondered if King Herron noticing my enthusiasm for such an event might allow me to toss a few breadcrumbs sweetened with honey onto the stage. For it would give me great joy to show the little creatures how much pleasure they had bestowed on thou. When at last we’d arrived at his Majesty’s chamber, I was told to remain until one of the Kings Ladies in Waiting came to fetch me. Within a few moments a woman only slightly older than myself dressed in a velvet gown of deep purple, edged in hand stitched ivory lace and gold braid pulled open the two intricately carved dark mahogany doors behind which was the most opulent and magnificent surroundings I had ever seen. I let out a gasp in astonishment. “Impressive isn’t it, I had much the same reaction my first time. Now go and lay down on the bed and his Lordship will be along shortly.” The bed on which I was expected to recline was enormous with four posts and a ruffled canopy above and so high off the floor, one needed to step upon a small foot stool in order to hoist ones self upon it. Naturally I couldn’t help but think it odd that one should choose to view a performance from this vantage point, which in my humble opinion only added further to his Majesty’s peculiar taste. Shortly there after the attendant took leave, but not before first dousing me with some sweet smelling perfume from a small pink bottle attached to an atomizer between my now plumped up cleavage, as if to chase the away the vermin that might be crawling upon my still unwashed hair and person. And then with the very same attention to detail she skillfully applied two round orbs of shocking red to my cheeks, dabbing it on slowly then blending it in repeated circular motions, before applying the very same greasy coating to my lips. “That ought to do it, now stand and let me have a look at you.” “Like this?” Slowly I raised from the bed taking my time so as not to dislodge my clothes or hair, as Lady Magdalene nodded her approval. “Now you are truly a trollop fit for a king.” I took this to be a compliment and smiled appropriately in response. And then before departing a few more words of advice, explaining that she had done her part and now the rest was up to me and also that I shouldn’t be afraid, since something told her I was really going to enjoy it. I couldn’t imagine who that someone or thing might have been, seeing as I had never witnessed such a performance before and most especially in the presence of royalty. And then I climbed back upon the bed with its fine linens and feathers of down and waited. Though still exhausted from the ordeal and lack of sleep, unknowingly I must have dozed off. “Oh his Lordship King Herron I didn’t hear you enter. If the King wishes I shall stand and kiss your ring, or bow at your feet and ask forgiveness though for what I do not know, since I’ve heard that is what is sometimes expected.” “Nonsense, since you’ve not yet displeased me and might I suggest, you keep it that way. I can be an ogre when I am displeased. For now all I ask is that you jump down from there and do a few pirouettes for me. You do know how to pirouette, don’t you? “Well not exactly sire, but I’m quite sure if you tell me how it is done I could learn it quickly, I’m a fast study, at least that is what my instructors have always told me.” “Twirl Anaka my pretty one, just twirl.” Once learning what it entailed I explained to his Lordship that indeed I could twirl as well as any Twirling Dervish with a turban wrapped around his head and seven wives to praise him, the King nodded and said that would mean he would be in for quite a treat. But before we begin I asked of his Lordship if he might please grant me one question, as it had caused me to wonder. He explained it was not his usually his nature to grant such a privilege to his maidens, but seeing as it was my first time and that I’d made him smile with my inquisitiveness, he would grant me that request. “Anaka what is it you wish to know?” “To my befuddlement Sire I see no blossoms of any sort in your chambers, not a single one, how can this be so? A deflowering without any blooms, not a single rose, a giant peony, or even a few lilies of the valley with their small white buds amidst a sea of tiny green leaves. No profusion of yellow daffodils like those that sprout like weeds in the meadow at the first blush of Spring, where might they be for an occasion such as thus?” “It tis as I’d been told, you are as naïve as a new born babe draped in swaddling. I can see I am going to have a fine time with thee.” I waited for further instructions, but when none were forthcoming I took it upon myself to twirl as I had earlier been told and twirl I did, so much so that my head began to spin like a carousel, which in turn produced a heady effect that resulted in gales of uncontrollable laughter. “Has thou pleased thy King, or should he require more of the same?” By now his Royal Highness had lain his rotund frame down upon the bed from which I had just risen and with an extended arm and a twist of the wrist, he reached out and grabbed me by thy same flaxen curls that draped around my shoulders and with a tug, pulled me down beside him. And then just as swiftly before I aware of his next move, he pinned me down and in less time than it takes to swat a giant gnat with the palm of thy hand, he rolled on top of thee placing his mouth on mine. The coarse bristles adorning his face felt like sandpaper, as they rubbed against thy soft pale complexion. It was for barely a moment that I was able to tear myself from under the weight of his bulbous frame to inquire as to whether he had lost his mind, behaving in a manner so unbefitting the kingdom into which he’d been born. Strangely enough he seemed to ignore this question entirely, once again grabbing a foothold though even stronger, in order to resume what he had been doing. Given no other choice, I allowed this kissing to go on until something even stranger diverted my attention, as I now felt a hard bulge just below his belly protruding as it pushed its way between the private area between my inner thighs. Having no idea whatsoever to make of this thing and why his Lordship had it growing out between his legs just under his massive belly, I could only wonder if it were not a growth of some kind which under most circumstances had been kept well hidden under his garments except as now, when the heat of two bodies being pressed together had caused it to grow twice its normal size. He kept rubbing this unnatural thing against me having nearly completely torn to shreds thy flimsy corset and was now slobbering over the cherry centers of my white chocolate bon bons, lapping at them as if he were a mongrel in heat. And then all at once I understood why I had been called for. The bulge that now was even larger than before and straining itself to be free of the confines of his velvet trousers, throbbing as though it were alive, like a small animal trapped in a cage fighting for its survival before becoming a meal on some rich mans plate, was merely a means by which his Lordship would be healed of his protuberance. And the more I felt it move and throb against the thin layer of cloth that separated me from thee, I was more convinced than ever that this was the way this type of medicinal perscriptive was administered, as two bodies pressed together the heat of one warding off disease, in the other. And then whilst in the midst of this treatment and even stranger thing began to occur, one for which I’d certainly had no explanation, at least until now. The King obviously now feeling the need for even greater warmth and skin to skin contact, crudely yanked at my silk panties and with one fell swoop pulled them down around my ankles, tossing them into the air like a trinket for the poor. And then even more surprising, before I could say jack rabbit, his Highness inserted something between my legs in that private place no one had ever touched before, excepting of course the Sheppard’s son, who after enticing me into a little game of chance that once I’d lost, declared triumphantly the prize he wanted for his having won, was me. Naturally I protested this quite loudly seeing it as his having taken unfair advantage, changing the rules after the fact. But seeing as it was nearly dusk and there was no one in sight, nor within earshot to hear my plea’s, he claimed his victory with the whole flock keeping watchful guard and not once but thrice times stuck his unwashed fingers into thou. And when the dirty deed was done and I’d chastised him properly for the liberty he had taken, behaving in a manner no better than thou animals for whom it was his duty to care for, I rearranged my skirt and vowed to never tell a soul. Though secretly relishing in the amazing sensation the encounter had evoked, the memory of which remained with me to this very day. As the King continued undistracted inserting his pudgy fingers into my small watering hole, my mind raced to find a solution. Could it be that unknowingly I had somehow been elevated to the status of healer and this then was my first lesson? Though I was still disappointed not to have seen any cocks parading about in their colorful plumage, nor any blossoms on this auspicious occasion. And then in another moment all thought left me as his Lordship shifted his whale like body and moving downward toward the foot of the bed with the agility of a trout outwitting a fisherman, he spread thou thighs and placed his bearded face between thy delicate, now swollen lips and with his darting tongue began to lap up my juices, like a serpent in search of a succulent snail. Based on this new information I surmised the King must have partaken of this tincture before, because his appendage which now more resembled a very large seasoned sausage, with an extra helping of pork, had broken free of the constraints of his clothing and was now not only hard, but fiery crimson as well. Quite naturally I took this to mean the thing had reached sufficient temperature for the treatment to have been a success. At this moment I would have liked to have said it might be wise for him to stick it where his fingers had been before and where his tongue was still, to have an even greater effect. But in the next instant I found I could barely speak as my breath quickened and my heart pounded and from the moistness grew little tremors within the caverns of my open thighs and I squelched a scream and let the exquisite sensation envelop me. The King now moved even more rapidly then before, hoisting above me hovering so close, the stench of his sweat mingled in the hairs of his heaving chest. And by the very weight and force of his stout legs, he was able to pry apart my own, to an even greater expanse than before the therapeutic treatment that had just transpired, only now his growth seemed even warmer than it had been. And just as this was happening I was even more convinced that this was truly what I had been summoned for. Remembering how even as a child I’d heard the whispers amongst the legions in the Village of Carppe. It was said that healers of whom garnered the most respect and to whom the greatest admiration was shown, worked for the King and his heirs and no one else and that they were chosen from a select group, the skill and training passed down from one generation to another. I could only wonder why Granny had kept this talent hidden from me for all this time. And now me Aanaka a lowly villager had been elevated to the level of Grand Master and would no doubt soon be asked to sit in the circle of his Lordships most trusted Mystics. As the King fumbled awkwardly with his growth, placing both hands upon it as one might hold a hot cross bun, a sudden joy took hold and in my exuberance, a small sigh of pleasure found audible release as that flaming red engorged thing found its way between my spread legs. This particular maneuver must have caught his Majesty off guard coming as it did, since once having entered, he quickly withdrew and then obviously still confused about what direction to take he repeated his thrust, first in, then out, then in again so many times, I’d quickly lost count. And then in a moment of clarity, recalling what I’d been told, I began to yelp when I assumed the King to be at his most attentive, which at this juncture seemed more natural than contrived, as the sensation sent waves of pleasure through my whole being, as his Highness continued to plunge his red meat deeper and deeper still, into the folds of my buttery soft cavern. And then the silence was broken as a sputter of words fluttered out of him, like a gaggle of geese furiously escaping a hunters rifle. “Take that you filthy little wench, you Sheppard’s whore, take it all. Now tell me you little tramp, does it hurt? Damn well hope so.” “I beg the question his Lordship, the pain you speak of is as real as the trickle of blood that is forming under me, but as long as it is what his Highness needs to alleviate the misery of that thing between thine legs, than I shall accept it as a duty of privilege and pleasure.” “Ah she love it, I knew it.” And then he told me I was one off the rare ones and that I’d been born to have a stiff cock in me at all times and that he had known that from the moment he’d laid eyes upon me and had gotten a whiff of my scent and that he would be only to happy to see to it that I got my fill. The fact that the King had received me so well I could only attribute to and must surely thank Lady Magdalene, for dousing me with perfume and selecting a wardrobe worn only by harlots. “Now lay back whore and let me have a second go at it. Dig your nails into my back and tell me how much you love it, as surely you do.” “As you wish Sire, I am only to willing to accommodate your desire as much as my own.” And with that once more he plunged, this time my juices flowing even more than before, as an involuntary reflex caused my back to arch forward, pulling him closer, digging into his back as to almost pierce the flesh and then trembling with such intensity followed by release, my inner thighs clamping around his torso like a vice. I could no longer restrain my modesty and called out, oh my oooh, God Save The King several times in rapid succession and then ashamed at my outburst and display of raw emotion, I quickly burrowed my face against thy Highness’s shoulder and began to gnaw at it, as would a mouse upon finding an unexpected wedge of imported Swiss. And so it was after the so called treatment had taken place and I’d been given a new set of clothing to wear and had been allowed to wash off the blood and smells of which I’d not been accustomed, I was sent away. Only now it was to a very different enclosure, this one much nicer and filled with sunshine and daffodils and I was given instructions that henceforth I was to report to the Kings chambers every day at precisely the same time. And thus is how I came to be amongst the chosen and how my lessons in healing by fornication began.