Saturday, October 22, 2005

Halloween in Salem

Going to Salem next week to ride bikes. Should be a cool ghoul time.


Here is a cool thing to do with Buckyballs - build a nanocar!
Only took them 8 years.

Rice scientists build world's first single-molecule car
'Nanocar' with buckyball wheels paves way for other molecular machines

Rice University scientists have constructed the world's smallest car -- a single molecule "nanocar" that contains a chassis, axles and four buckyball wheels.

The "nanocar" is described in a research paper that is available online and due to appear in an upcoming issue of the journal Nano Letters.

The nanocar consists of a chassis and axles made of well-defined organic groups with pivoting suspension and freely rotating axles. The wheels are buckyballs, spheres of pure carbon containing 60 atoms apiece. The entire car measures just 3-4 nanometers across, making it slightly wider than a strand of DNA. A human hair, by comparison, is about 80,000 nanometers in diameter.


Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cool new search on eBay for misspellings

Got some nice hits when I tried it with my knife collecting!

great old postcard

Neat old postcard scene that someone has scanned in as part of a Yiddish postcard collection:

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Feeling better...

After a brief but bad cold.

Now back to grinding away at the estate and assessing the MCS antiques.

pinhole camera from legos

Thanks to link from BoingBoing. Wish I had thought of this!

HOWTO Build a pinhole camera from legos
This build-log details an ingenius project to build a large-format pinhole camera out of legos. The maker hasn't yet uploaded any of the photos from it yet, but I'm looking forward to them.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

George colics

Katie's new horse, George, coliced and had to be walked for quite some time. Perhaps he got into the pokeberries in the back pasture?
The vet tried to get a tube into him to give him mineral oil to help him pass the problem, but just managed to bloody his nose.