Thursday, January 06, 2005

Committed now

Just finished polishing my Stalker story and sent out to EQ Mystery Mag. I am certain there are flaws in it, but this story is ready for some feedback (well, at least some educated rejection). As reporter friend Mr. Powell said, it's time to start submitting! At the least it produces some very strong feelings of accomplishment.

Now I can get back to Kat story. What I could get away with in Stalker, meaning lack of character development and objectives, I need to clearly define in Kat. Great feeling to carry creation of building a story around in my head.

Sad news that my Mom is having trouble again, and is having trouble managing her affairs. I'll be gettting more involved in the near future. Gotta respect her great fight to come this far (80's) with the body she was blessed with.

Received email from WritersDigest asking for blog listing nominations, for blogs with a writing slant. Nominated this here blog (aw, shucks).

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