Saturday, February 26, 2005


Finally feeling better. Hope to write a scene from the Kat story tomorrow. Today will be cleaning Alice's house while she is recovering from hip replacement.

The winter blahs have taken hold. Going hand-to-hand with them, and soon hope to win. Gotta tell you work is not helping, as I had to bring some home to do again.

Starting to get interested in language topics again. Mänti, aka Manti with an umlaugh, is a tree structured relationship oriented language invented by the Tammet savant in England. Very interesting to me, and we'll see what comes of his presentation of it in Europe.

Finished The Secret Life of Lobsters. That was one of the best bio books I have read. At the end it even gives a recipe on how to best boil a lobster. Gotta recommend it to John.

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