Saturday, February 05, 2005

Buffett or Not

Probably won't attend the buffett concert at Gillette stadium this year. The tailgate would be awesome, but last year's concert at Fenway was sucky. Too big of a target so too much security. Since it's July 4 anyway, we'll be doing our best to be unfit for duty over the long weekend. And let's hope this year cousin Tim doesn't pull his disappearing act under the water which panicked everyone.

Going to go over all the writing notes I've made in the past few weeks and try to get started on a scene for Kat and a plotting for the kid's book.

Talked to JR today and he definitely got me enthused again on this writing life.

Found a post on boingboing to a wired article by someone who looks like might be an old classmate. Shot him an email to find out. I love his writing; the articles are on interesting subjects.

Old classmate Janet was in the building early this week at work. She's gonna try to shoot me an email next time so we can go out after work. Don't see enough of her.

Big bike doings tomorrow at the museum, so might want to attend for a little while. Wanda has had lots of action lately ;), so maybe the economy is picking up.

Forgot to post that Princeton was fun and rewarding. Great to get a chance to influence alpha software. And work has been much better with the mentoring of my new boss. We'll see where that goes.

UMM Binnacle wrote me a great email thanking me for my ultra-short entry. This format may hold promise for me, as I seem to be able to do a lot in a short space. Reminds me of being able to code something meaningful in 10 lines of C or assembly language, but that's just the geek in me :)

Here is a a great use of an iPod or 2.

Link to using them as stereo viewers:

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