Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Offline for awhile; the long tail

Been offline for awhile. Visited my Mom who has been in the hospital, but is now out just in time for the holidays. Hopefully 2005 will be healthier for her.

Managed to remove the bootcon hijack manually. Actually more of a VX2 infection.

Intrigued by the long tail blog at The editor of Wired mag is logging thoughts and comments about the long tail of obscure products that are being recognized by sale of very popular ones. An example is Da Vinci code causing sales of Holy Blood, Holy Grail to rise.

Still reading through the Tufte book. Some great ideas in it about expressing concepts.

Working on my new story, albeit very slowly.

Enjoying the Best erotica 2003 on audible every evening. Some are not so good, but some are fantastic, all the better for being audible.

If I don't get to post by the 25th, Have a Merry Christmas!

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