Monday, December 27, 2004

After Christmas blues

Came back from NJ yesterday in swirling snow, making the traffic look almost festive.
Long push thru Christmas done. Mom doing better, the holiday nice.
Cousin Al's dad very interested in our conversations, in spite of not knowing our language!
Had long discussion with Al over his story idea, The Hand, which has promise. We also talked some about my latest story and its themes and plots. His input is valuable to me, as he offers lots of well defined but not as analytical ideas.

Had lots of fun at the Lightning Christmas party, visiting with the whole gang except Fred.
Discovered the anonymous lawyer blog and jeremyblachman blog; very interesting.

Gary Wills book on Lincoln's Gettyburg address looks like the best of the crop this Christmas. Enjoyed the starting pages in spite of it being midnight on Christmas!

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