Monday, May 07, 2007

A Hole in the Ground

Link to article in Palm Beach Post about folding of company that was developing condos on site of the old Rutledge Inn, our family's hotel.
Here is a shot of the old sixties style place:

Now it's a hole!
Here is the link:

And some text:
RIVIERA BEACH — The pink walls of the 1960s-era Rutledge Inn, for years the only hotel on Singer Island, fell to bulldozers last year. Owned by three generations of the Crouse family, the hotel was razed to make room for Mirasol Beach of Singer Island.
Mirasol Beach was to be an 18-story condo resplendent with spa, fitness center, library, theater, lounge and billiards. No more. Last week developer Taylor Woodrow Plc pulled the plug on the project.
"I wish we had never sold it," 77-year-old Doris Crouse said after being told of the developer's decision. "It's just like I lost my best friend."
Among the regulars during the Rutledge Inn's happier hours was Jupe Hash. She was disappointed when the hotel was demolished and is disappointed again that it has been shoveled under for nothing.
"It's just dirt now," she said.

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Anonymous said...

This is merely one example of mindless speculation by developers who had no business rolling the dice, i.e. going into a complicated project without the plans and funding solidly nailed down from the get-go.

In my own home town, an historic, landmark 19th-century mansion was torn down for what was supposed to be an apartment block. The site is still vacant 30 years later. A wooded hillside was clear-cut and bulldozed for similar purposes. Same result.