Thursday, November 10, 2005

Vacation Day

Day before Veteran's Day and I have it off (sorta). Katie's glands are so swollen her neck bulges out, so she's off at the dr. Wanda fell of George yesterday and cracked 2 ribs, so she is in considerable pain. I have had my hands full with the estate tax forms, the datawarehouse loads not going well, and the powersupply to this pc going dead. We panicked as this pc is our main storage for our websites and data. I swapped ps's with our other pc so we are up and running, but we have taken a closer look at the design of our next office/computer lab to provide for at least 4 pc's with better backups and interchangeable parts. Also some tables, better power access, and shelves for manuals. Wow.
Frustrated that iTunes broke Jhymn even though the Jhymn DRM removal is legal. I am not buying anymore songs for now until that's fixed.
Cool idea of playing Risk via google maps:

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