Saturday, May 07, 2005

Whatsa CAPU-U?

Enjoyed the day at Connecticut Author and Publisher Society University today!
Found a lot of value, and scribbled notes all day. Even allowing that I'm new to writing, that means I got a lot of material. Did some great networking too.
And after sitting in the Stuff Your Stories seminar, I realized what symbols I was planting in the Kat story! (Lucia knows).
More to come when I get a chance.

Meanwhile, the house design continues. Got some plans from the Home Design place and will have to make some mods after bids. Exciting time for us. Reminds me of when we first got married and could barely get into the bathroom what with all the stuff destined for our new place. George Carlin is right.

Are you a Republican? Take this and see ( I scored 19%):

Finally, this place is really cool! I have ancestors on both sides, but ya gotta love the Confederacy:

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